Global Forum on Total Maintenance & Operational Excellence

26 - 27 October 2017 AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS

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Global Forum on Total Maintenance & Operational Excellence

26 - 27 October 2017 AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS

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About The conference

Oil & Gas industry is a vast industry and it fuels the whole world. Nowadays, oil and gas sector is seeing a number of challenges especially in the areas of operational excellence and maintainability of the oil and gas facilities in current scenarios of low oil prices and unstable political conditions in many of the oil producing countries. These challenges need to be discussed further so as to come up with optimized solutions. This 2 days colloquium has been arranged to help resolve these challenges and come up with better ideas for enhanced production.It not only addresses the high performing elements and strategies being practiced in different oil and gas companies but also highlights the innovative procedures and practices which can improve the performance and profitability of oil and gas sector. It addresses a number of areas of oil and gas industry ranging from Finance, Production and Marketing to Engineering, Maintenance and Operations. This colloquium would not only be a basis for oil and gas executives to review and assess their practices and procedures but would also serve as a platform for them to share their experiences with others and exchange their ideas. Organizers of this colloquium believe rightly that there is no substitute for the value of sharing real plant experiences & lessons learnt, exchanging information and best practices with the peers outside one’s company.

Who Should Attend ?

This summit is designed specifically for oil and gas industry professionals including CEO, Managing Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Heads, Lead and Senior Engineers, Associates and Senior Executives with responsibilities in any of the following areas:

  • Process operations
  • Instrumentation and Process control.
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Support.
  • Procurement
  • Inspection and Corrosion Modifications
  • Supply Chain and Store Management
  • Human Resources and Administration
  • Production Control, Marketing and Corporate Relationship
  • Strategy and Planning, Reliability Monitoring
  • Turnaround Planning and Monitoring
  • Workshop Services and General Services
  • Utilities ,Storage and Export

Key Take Aways

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise from the experience of other oil and gas and energy professionals
  • Learning how prioritizing the operational excellence with a focus on total preventive maintenance can help improve the productivity and reliability of the oil and gas facilities
  • Find out the important parameters for smooth plant operation by following the optimized maintenance procedures and how can we achieve more environment-friendly and green energy
  • Acquiring key skills to implement and upgrade/modify the systems such as AMS, CMMS so as to achieve the target of safety and reliability centered maintenance with high efficiency especially in current challenging economic conditions
  • How different strategies of outsourcing maintenance and services, product marketing and cash flow can help improve the profitability?
  • Gaining knowledge of Resource sharing & integration and how to maintain and manage the oil & gas facilities with effective leadership?
  • How regular Inspection and Monitoring can reduce the probability of failure of plant equipment?
  • Other innovative ideas for optimum plant performance with a focus on safety, reliability centered maintenance, sustainability, and profitability
26 - 27 October
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The Speakers

Presenters are hand-picked and identified through extensive market research

Our distinguished speakers comprise of the world’s foremost strategists, industry leaders, CEOs of global companies, industry gurus, as well as thought leaders and trend setters.

team member img

Michael Bessey

Turn Around HSE Manager

team member img

Graham Vincent

Technical Director, Asset Management
team member img


Industry Principal

team member img

Abdullah Al Dhafer

OE Coordinator Riyadh Refinery

team member img


Vice President Integrity

team member img

Ammer Jadoon

Technical Authority - Materials & Corrosion
team member img

Damon Bowler

Manager of Projects

team member img

Andrew Fraser

Managing Director

team member img

Barun Roy

Proposal Manager, Project Development
team member img

Ahmed El-Sharkawy

Snr Engineer Planning & Services

team member img

Akachidike Kanu

Technical Analysis and Business Development
team member img


Manager – Capital Project Consulting-EMEA

team member img

Dr. Henry Tan

School of Engineering

team member img

Sherif Anwar

Integrity Management Team Leader
team member img

Hatem Rashad

‎Mechanical Reliability Advisor

team member img

Chris Greenwood

Managing Director

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Standard Pack
  • 1 day conference
  • online documentation
  • Gala Dinner

Doc Pack
  • Unlimited online access to all presentations of the conference


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